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I use innovative marketing techniques to help community banks and credit unions grow.
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I research, create, and implement – you profite

The information economy continues to reshape how the world functions, and marketing is no different.
There are so many advanced options for marketing now, but few banks know what they are, and far fewer use them.
I’ll help you navigate the weird world of inbound marketing, so you don’t pay more and get less.

Be where the people are.

Social media is the latest evolution in the media landscape, but far too few banks are taking full advantage of it.
Marketing has always flocked to the new venue, from print, to radio, to television, to the internet, and now to social media.
The problem is, most financial institutions don’t understand social media marketing.
Instead of trying to sort it out yourself, let me take care of it for you.

Use responsive designs that adapt the layout to the viewing environment.


More and more people are accessing the internet using tablets and mobile phones.
Therefore, it’s imperative that your bank’s website adapt to those formats.
Too many financial institutions are losing traffic because their sites look bad on mobile phones.
I’ll give you a free consultation about web design, and I’ll make sure your site is fully optimized.

Create videos that help customers identify your business

By 2018, 80 percent of internet traffic will be video consumption.
That means people love videos, on social media, on websites, on television – anywhere.
I can help you make beautiful, professional videos that can be used on social media,
or they can be used as ads on various platforms.

100% ROI

Change the course and use analytics to stay ahead of your competitors

Digital marketing has one major advantage over other mediums – analytics. It’s impossible to know how many potential clients see a print ad, hear a radio ad, or watch a television ad. However, I can tell you exactly how many views and clicks a social media ad has. Because of this, I can show you the ROI of your marketing efforts.

  • Know Your VRIN Score
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Market Reports
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I offer customized marketing plans for all my clients.

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