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The internet continues to reshape how the world functions, and marketing is no different.
There are so many advanced options for marketing now, and few businesses even know what they are, and far fewer use them.
Let us help you navigate the new world of PPC, SEO and landing pages, so you don’t pay more and get less.

Be where the people are.

Social media is the latest evolution in the media landscape, but far too few businesses are taking full advantage of it.
Marketing has always flocked to the new venue, from print, to radio, to television, to the internet, and now to social media.
The problem is, most business owners don’t understand social media marketing.
Instead of trying to sort it out yourself, let us take care of it for you.

Find out more about social media marketing.

Use responsive designs that adapt the layout to the viewing environment.


As more people access the internet using tablets and mobile phones, it is imperative that websites adapt to those formats.
Too many businesses are losing traffic because their sites look bad on mobile phones. Don’t let that happen to your business!
Contact us for a website redesign, and we’ll make sure your site is fully optimized, including a responsive layout.

Create a brand that helps customers identify your business


Branding is the most important aspect of any business, and it goes way beyond making a cool logo.
Everything about a business, from the logo to the Facebook posts to the promotions it offers, should fit into an overall brand narrative that helps maximize its customers.
Don’t have an average brand, have an amazing brand.

Businesses we work with

We can assist any business with marketing efforts, but we specialize in a few niches.

Take a look to see if your business is in our wheelhouse.


Newspapers are in a tough spot right now, with print ad revenue in decline. We can show papers how to earn more revenue using inbound marketing.

Travel Agencies

Travel will always be a leading worldwide industry, but too many agencies are stuck in the past. They could make more revenue if they used inbound marketing.

Real Estate

Real estate has created more millionaires in the U.S. than any other industry. We can help real estate agents market their business using the internet.


One of our first clients was a cabinet installation services, so we know first-hand how well inbound marketing helps contractors get new clients.


Ecommerce sites are taking over market share from traditional retailers. Because online stores don’t have a store front, they need marketing help.


Inbound marketing is the way of the future, so why wouldn’t political figures use this technique while campaigning? They should, and we can help.

Change the course and be ahead of your competitors with custom marketing plans

Internet marketing is the way of the future, but different businesses will benefit from different marketing strategies. That’s why Persuasion Science is dedicated to developing custom marketing plans for our clients. If your business won’t benefit from Twitter, then we’ll focus on what works for you.

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We offer truly customized marketing plans for everyone we work with.

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